A Girl Called Charlotte

"I was finally engulfed in darkness and silence. I couldn't see or hear or feel anything. I was dead."

Charlotte is a woman in her twenties who's car crashes into a river. As she die's over she revisits key points in her life that have made her who she is.


2. Chapter 2

The seat belt sign turned on. I gasped looking up frozen in fear. I felt someone lean over me and do up my seat belt. I blinked and looked to see Peter sitting back in his seat. He smiled at me again as the plane began to speed up along the run way. I gripped the arm rest tighter as we gained altitude. Finally the plane leveled out. "Are you OK Charlotte you don't look so good" Kate frowned "No I think I'm going to be sick" I spoke Peter grabbed the sick bag from the back of the chair in front of him and handed it to me before I could retch. "Does she need anything?" A flight attendant asked Peter. "Yeah bottle of water and maybe some tissues?" he replied I hadn't realized but he was holding my hair back for me as I continued to vomit. Finally when my stomach was dry I leaned back in my chair. Peter handed me a tissue as he took the sick bag from my ever so pale hands. I wiped my mouth before downing some water he had kindly bought me. "Better now" Kate asked I nodded. "Good if you need anything else just ask" The flight attendant smiled before walking off to dispose of the bag. "Why did you buy me water" I asked confused "Why not you needed it and" he paused "I wanted to help" "Thank you..." I smiled shyly "Where you going this break?" he asked "California...LA..." I replied "Nice I'm traveling with me mate Oscar and his sheila Ali" he pointed to a man just as tall as him with mid length blonde hair and storm grey eyes and a short black haired green eyed girl. "That's nice" Shyness was overcoming me again "Who's your friend?" "This is Kate..." "Nice to meet ya Kate" he nodded even though Kate wasn't paying attention "..." "Where do ya live Charlotte then?" "I live in Houston..." "Same here as does Oscar and Ali" "Yeah..." "What college you in" Shit I thought immediately he was in college. He must be at least 18 or even 19. "I...I don't go to college..." "Ah younger girl eh?" he smiled "Planning on going?" "No...I'm taking over my families store" "Ah...I see..." "I would love to go..." I replied "I...I love art...but my parent's would never be able to afford" "Really? I'm a photographer myself. Planning to go into journalism" he grinned "Cool..." "You any good at painting" "No...not really" "You are Charlotte don't lie" Kate butted in "I...I...I'm not..." "She is" "I...I...I'm not...seriously" "I'm sure your an amazing artist Charlotte" Peter smiled The seat belt sign had come on again I was slightly more freaked since I hadn't realized the flight was almost over. I felt a reassuring squeeze of my hand I frowned confused and looked at Peter who quickly put his hand back on his lap as the plane began it's decent. We then touched down in LA. As we filed off the plane Oscar and Ali had caught up with Peter. "Peter" Oscar yelled, he was definitely Texan "Who's your friend's?" "This is Charlotte and Kate" he replied "Charlotte I told ya bout Oscar and Ali" "Hi" Ali smiled "Hi Charlotte I'm Oscar" he pulled Ali in closer "So where ya two staying?" Peter asked "Were staying in a hotel...were off to the beach tomorrow" Kate grinned "Wanna meet up" "Sure" Ali answered "See ya then Charlotte" Peter winked as he strode off through the doors.

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