Chasing Memories

Lonely and unhappy, Serena begins to delve into the depths of her mind to find the memories which made her happy. But the more time she spends looking back, the less she spends looking forward and gradually she finds herself losing the grasp on what's real.


1. Running

Leaning in closer she could smell the sweet scent of his cologne as his arm brushed softly against hers. She leant up and ran her fingers through his perfect brown hair, watching as every strand fell perfectly to frame his face. He smiled and two dimples appeared either side of his lips, making every line on his face even more defined. This is how she wanted to remember him; smiling sweetly as he held her in his arms. She could feel the warmth radiating from every inch of his body, and slowly she looked up to see him watching her. As his large hazel eyes bore into hers, she began to cry. Once she'd started, she couldn't stop and tears began to roll down her cheeks in quick succession. She held him as tight as she could and buried her tear stained face into his shirt. Suddenly, she couldn't breathe as the realisation hit her that she would never get to see his smile again. It felt like all the air had been taken away, and in that moment she knew she couldn't let him go.

Yet when the time came, no words escaped her mouth; she was silent. She stood feebly and watched with the others as he walked away from them for the last time. Her eyes began to prickle and her throat went dry, yet no matter what her heart wanted, her body nor mind would let her go. So with him gone, there was only one thing her mind could function enough to think of.


Just run the other way.

She couldn't look back or go to him, so she ran, vowing to herself that she would never stop. The wind whipped through her hair, slapping it viciously to her face, and the cold winter wind stung her eyes, but she carried on. The thud of her heart through her chest kept her in a steady rhythm until her tears began to blur her vision and she had to stop. Standing where she was, she looked up and saw the night sky above. There was one thing that gave her comfort. No matter where they both were, she knew that when she looked up, she would see the moon, and even miles apart, he would see it too. And maybe, he'd be thinking of her.



She did her best to forget. But the image of his face was engrained in her mind forever. Every night before her head touched the pillow, he was the last thing she would think of. And in the mornings, his eyes were the thing that forced her out of bed. With a fake smile plastered on the face throughout the day, the night was the only time when she could truly be alone. The time that allowed her just to think, to get her head straight, to cry.  To remember the way he laughed or the way her body fitted perfectly into his arms. She was living in a world of dreams. A world of memories.

And that was how she liked it.

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