Stolen Heart

Tabitha has always wanted to be safe but most of all Loved.When her Life reveals a hidden past which affects her she wants love so when she meets the mysterious stranger she finds love forever.But will Tabitha Ever be happy in love and be loved before its too late


4. My nightmare

I was closing my eyes thinking of what happend.When i had a nightmare of edward burning in the fire.I woke up and started panting.

"are you ok"Taylor asked.

I didnt want to tell Taylor of my nightmare it just felt scary.

"I'm ok just tired"i replied calming myself.

"Don't worry go to bed i'll protect you tommorow is a big day"Taylor said rubbing his eyes.

"What's tommorow"i asked.

"It's a suprise i tell you tommorow what time is it"Taylor asked.

I looked at the time 2 am 12 hours ago Edward had burnt before my very eyes.

"2am"i replied.

"Really im so tired good night sleep well"Taylor whispered and kissed my forehead.

I looked at him sleep he was so adorable and vunerable.

"good night"i whispered and slept right beside him staring at him.

Then drifting off to sleep.

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