Stolen Heart

Tabitha has always wanted to be safe but most of all Loved.When her Life reveals a hidden past which affects her she wants love so when she meets the mysterious stranger she finds love forever.But will Tabitha Ever be happy in love and be loved before its too late


1. Death and Loss

I shut my eyes.How could thishappend to me.One Moment im dancing with my love thinking its my best day ever the next all my loved ones were gone.Its All my Fault!!!!!The fire just came and engulfed everyone i waited for my death but it didnt come.All my loved ones had gone even the guy who i stayed for my life was for him his name was Edward and he was and still is my love.I stared at the delicate rose that Edward gave me the petal had shatered into a million pieces like my heart.I take the necklace he had wore what was still left of him.

"Edward i love you please come back"i cry wiping my tears.

Its because of me he is gone i run panting never looking back.I run to the old bridge where i had seen the dark stranger.I want my Life to end i dont deserve to live.Edward had saved me many times before and i just caused him death.I look ahead to see away before i die.Then i see a bright light.

"Who is it"i shout .

I wait for a response but it dosent come.What if i hadnt came here and ruined his life Edward.He'd all would of been here if it hadnt been for me.If only had i not fell in love with Edward he would have still been alive happy and healthy.The stranger was true i only cause pain,death and sadness to everyone.If only had god gave me happiness,for my first time ever i had felt happiness like i belonged somewhere and love and to be loved so dearly.

I hear rustling must been my imagination voices hear in my head Die its says Death calls me i close my eyes  and take a deep breathe of so much pain i had caused Death was my only punishment.Goodbye all i say in my head.Tears fall down my face.Its all gone my life is over

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