Falling for the one I never even knew...

This is a short Novel about a girl named Julia who thinks she's safe with the decisions she's making, however, she's unaware of what the truth may have in store for her when meets her 'lover' via interent dating. What she thinks will happen is the complete opposite..

-By Jade aged 13.


5. The doubting.

Second day to school on time. Wow, i'm on a roll this week. The teachers were certainly impressed, i think they may of had their suspicions but that didn't worry me too much. It was today when i started having the doubts about Danny. What seemed so right seemed to be turning upside down. I didn't know what i was thinking. What if we met up and he didn't turn up? what if he wasn't who he said he was? what if he was just using me? what if?


I don't understand why I'm feeling like this. he is the one. I know. I can feel it. I was head over heels for him so bad he was on my mind both day and night. I supposed everything you do within life has to have doubts along the way? nothing can be perfect no matter how much it may possibly mean to you.


I can't wait to return home at 3.30pm to just be able to talk to him. Hopefully all the details will be in place for our meet-up. I'm not sure how i'm going to be able to get away from my parents grasps but i would go to any lenghts to see him. To physically feel him. To hear his voice speak words of wisdom into my thoughts. I want to smell him. His strong scent that would stay with me forever. I want him.


People at school were suddenly becoming worried about me. I couldn't work out whether it was for good or bad? I mean people were actually starting to notice me, asking me if everything's alright. Before i was a nobody. Noone would come within an inch close to me. However, maybe it was starting to show. I had been struggling with work recently. I couldn't focus anymore. It felt like i was being haunted by a deadly desease that's too powerful to get rid of. Too powerful for my antibodies to fight. I knew from that point i was dying not only on the inside but soon possibly on the out...

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