Love poem

This is about a girl who remembers her past, and the boy who hurt her. This poem is how she moved on...who she met.


2. My future is blooming...I like what I see

My boy and I,

We're happy,

We're in love, you see,

And when you're in love,

How happy can you be?


I'm through with the old relationship,

With that boy who broke my heart,

But now I'm got my new guy,

And you can bet, he's smart.


His IQ doesn't matter,

It's not his brains I crave,

It's our future together,

The way he looks at me,

And the way,

Our future won't take long to pave.


Why dwell on the past,

When I have him?

He's my boy,

And we are sym.                                                                                                                                                      (definition: together.) 

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