A Love Story

There is this man in a cafe in New York and sees the love of his life walk through the door with her boyfriend and once he is gone they run away and then get married and then eventually have babies.


6. The Honeymoon

Once they reached the airport they went to check in. They were on their way to the Maldives. They got their baggage on the conveyor belt and they were on the plane no problem whatsoever. They reached the Maldives and it was empty due to the world’s financial crisis, but they still had a great time. Once they got to the hotel they had a lay down after a long day. Sean hid behind the cupboard and when Lauren came up to the cupboard he shouted, “BOO!” She fell and banged her head and they went to see the doctor. After a long time of waiting the doctor came back with the results and said, “Your heads fine, but from our scans this shows that you’re pregnant.” They were shocked.

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