this story is about a 15yr old boy called ben. He is quite a nerd and has a friend oliver. He has to write a school newspaper article about someone. Who will it be? Will it turn into a complete mess or a great article to make Ben popular. Read the book to find out


3. Daisy's point of view

Well now he is acctually okay looking. AARRGGHH wsh I had never said that I should go and speak to him. I now where he lives so I will go there now.

"Hey it's Daisy can I speak to you/Ben.'

"What do you want Daisy? You want to do the article again. TOUGH LUCK!"

"Now it's good news. I realised i was harsh earlier and I want to sy, will you go ut with me. I have noticed you are weird but your unique, smart and kind. Out of everyone you could have picked for the article, you chose me."

"Well yes of course I will yes !!!! Thank you for this. Umm I have to go."

"Oh okay and 1 more thing. Do you want to join us on the populars seats?"

"Yes sure. I will see you tomorrow!"

I gave Ben a hug and went. My car was on the other side of the road on the corner so I have to cross the road. A lorry lost control while I was crossing the road.



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