the starlight series :the mirror

it all started when i looked into a mirror , i saw me. but it wasent me , it was dawn , she was evil , she wanted my power , the power of her doppelganger . yes i am her doppleganger , a supernatural doubble of dawn.
caroline must stop dawn trying to kill her , but will she do it and live?


7. the girl

"how did you know turning right into that tunnel would get us home"  caroline knew she couldent say anything about the scary voice in cals morror  as it would creep bree out so she simply smircked and said "i just know things" that was really cool it made her sound mysterious. "ok miss cool we should get to sleep you go take a shower first and il set up the movie then we can go to sleep" then bree went into the living room, while caroline was going into the big creepy bathroom.

the sound of the running water blocked out any sounds , but caroline knew something or rather somone was watching her,she turned the water off and stepped out of the bath. all the water was running on to the chilling marble floor. "caroline " it was the same childlike playful voice , it was comming from her mirror. "who are you?" this time caroline decided to speak up, this was all too wierd to just let go. she needed to know what was going on . you see caroline is the type of girl who needs to know the truth and is big on trust, the more you hide something from her the more she needs to find out. "im you biggest nightmare" caroline was feeling awkward at that moment  "your my uncle zephen?" she heard a little giggle from the voice but then it got seriouslly scary again "no you idiot look in the mirror and tell me what you see" caroline stepped forward towards the mirror "i can see me, but that not what ive got on , and my hair colour is diffrent" there was a long pause "your me"  caroline toutched the mirror then the girl clapped and stepped out of the mirror "ding ding ding and we have a winner" she was still clapping and laughing but her smile changed , from a small sweet inisant smile , it grew bigger and bigger until it toutched her ears and fangs pooked out . "AAAAHHHHH" carolione ran out of the bath room screamong but she didnt make it to the tairs something grabbed her from behing and pushed her down.

everyting went blurry, her eyes were closing........... 



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