the starlight series :the mirror

it all started when i looked into a mirror , i saw me. but it wasent me , it was dawn , she was evil , she wanted my power , the power of her doppelganger . yes i am her doppleganger , a supernatural doubble of dawn.
caroline must stop dawn trying to kill her , but will she do it and live?


10. the end

the moon was full. the starry night created shadows. caroline was standing by the mirror. everything had to go wright right? the church tower bell rang anouncing midnight , then caroline stood in the mirror saying "mirror mirror on the wall show me , me , but not me" she waited a second nothign happend , when dawn appeard "did you miss you" caroline picked up the hair  brush she was about to crack it when dawn said something "do you really think i will let you do this" there was a really strong wind blowing. it was getting harder for caroline to stand but she was still inches away from the mirror , when it started snowing, not a piecefull beautiful snow but a snow storm with thunder and lightning , it blew caroline away , she was blown into the window, she fell . caroline was laying in the shatterd glass, she broke her leg and arm. but she still managed to crawl to the mirror when dawn screamerd "no!" then caroline reamberd reading something about doupplegangers having a very strong power , all she had to do was really want something. "i want to get up and break the mirror"  suddnley she had the strenght to get up , but dawn had other plans , there was another lightning struct and caroline fell , she had to break the mirror so she threw the hairbrush at the mirror and it shatterd into a thoudent pieces. caroline was realived.

she fell to the floor and passed out.

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