the starlight series :the mirror

it all started when i looked into a mirror , i saw me. but it wasent me , it was dawn , she was evil , she wanted my power , the power of her doppelganger . yes i am her doppleganger , a supernatural doubble of dawn.
caroline must stop dawn trying to kill her , but will she do it and live?


6. lost

on their way home their plans wernt really what they hoped. "oh my bree where are we". the night was dark and starry , the  full moon was  shing bright , that was the only light they had to find their way home. "i dont know", "caroline" it was the same voice that caroline heard at cals "turn right" did you hear that bree?". "stop scaring me caroline" "im sorry this way" caroline pulled her right and she heard the voice again "good girl , you know i might not kill you after all" caroline knew she shouold shut up so she swallowed in agony and kept quiet for the rest of the lond dark tunell which lead them home.

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