the starlight series :the mirror

it all started when i looked into a mirror , i saw me. but it wasent me , it was dawn , she was evil , she wanted my power , the power of her doppelganger . yes i am her doppleganger , a supernatural doubble of dawn.
caroline must stop dawn trying to kill her , but will she do it and live?


2. 2 weeks before

it was a warm summer morning , a weeks before the summer holidays. The sky was clear and blue, not a single cloud in the sky a perfect day in virginia. but dont be fooled by the setting, pure evil isnt afraid of anything, and thats something caroline needed to know, because not everything is what it seems.

"so bree, what are you doing over the summer holidays?" caroline was talking to bree , her best friend, by her car in the parking lot. it was lunch break and something was watching them , something evil , something powerfull.

"well nothing my mom is going to LA and my dad is going to vagas, so i have the whole house to my self" bree said with a smirk on her face . "have you seen the new boy ? cal? he just got here from california" then brees hazel eyes started glowing. "yeah i heard hese inviting us to his party" and se was right , as always cal started walking up to them , he had curly black hair , small nose and totally kissalicious lips. "hey bree , caroline , i was hoping you could come to a pary at my house, heres my adress" the girls nooded and took the blue piece of paper from his hands.

caroline was lookig forward to that night, but what she didnt know was that something bad was lurking at cals house, just waiting for her..........

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