What I can hear when I eavesdrop from my bedroom and are all these things good sounds?


1. Noises

The clink of china in the basin,

The oppresive oven in the kitchen,

My pesty sibling lazing in the lounge,

What a delinquent, diminutive diva she has found,


To be forever and eternity,

Whining her clarion gob constantly,

Smash I hear the cutlery pirouetting to the floor the parquet,

Now I hear the mop waltzing on the carpet,


The wiring of the radiator sweating at work,

Its drip, drip, dripping and combinding with dirt,

Chinwagging like there is no tommorow,

My mum is speaking as if she's in her own burrow,


The amount of things I hear in my house,

Sometimes I wish I didn't have ears like Mickey Mouse!

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