Winter Crisis

I wrote this when I was in primary school, and my writing skills weren't as developed then as they are now, so please excuse all mistakes and poor pieces of writing, and notify me of them if they bother you.
The ENTIRE movella is copied from the word document I wrote it in, so some fo the paragraphs may not be paragraphs anymore.
Northana has frozen over! In a rush to evacuate, Lydia loses her way and encounters a prison. There she meets Heather, a nine-year-old girl who hasn't seen her family in years. Together, they escape and vow to set things right.


15. There's Snow Place Like Home

“Amazing...” Silvia uttered dazedly. “Isn’t it just?” Cried Sky. “And it’ll be even more so when we get there.” Joseph interrupted. “Come on.” The group took their feeble final steps to the Town Hall, where each one collapsed on the doorstep. Luckily for them, the Mayor was having his annual open house. A young woman opened the door, gasped then hurried them into a room at the back of the hall.

“Charles.” She stated but then walked off. “Ah, Joseph my old friend.” Boomed The Mayor. He hadn’t even noticed Lydia yet, and that was what she was counting on. Though I wish I could say that her trust was correctly placed, it was not, as The Mayor turned to Lydia and spoke, “Lydia. What you did was very irresponsible.” He paused. “But I’m willing to forgive you if you can prove to me why you should be here.” “Yes! I can! By means of this.” Lydia presented the letter to The Mayor who, with a poker face, surveyed the letter. After a significant silence he handed it to Lydia and said, “Enjoy the party!” “What!?” Exclaimed Lydia, “You’re letting me stay! You’ll never regret this!” Lydia had never felt more elated in her life! “Oh. The tailor wants to see you, something about new clothes.” Mumbled The Mayor as he eventually returned with his champagne glass, to the secluded office.

They wondered out into the vast hall. It was adorned with chandeliers and ornaments, Chinese vases and Russian dolls. To Lydia, it seemed as though everything still had a price tag on it, even if it had been removed long before. The tag said ‘a fortune’. “I think the Tailor is this way.” Notioned Ruby. The hall was over crowded so the group were hustled and bustled down the tailor’s corridor. When they arrived, the tailor handed them a package. He greeted them. This package was dilapidated, rough, tarnished by stains but the most curious of all was that it had printed upon it ‘handle with care’. Why would you need to handle clothes with care? Before Lydia’s brain could answer her question, there was a knock on the door. She felt it was far too familiar, as bearded, uniformed men crossed the threshold.

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