Winter Crisis

I wrote this when I was in primary school, and my writing skills weren't as developed then as they are now, so please excuse all mistakes and poor pieces of writing, and notify me of them if they bother you.
The ENTIRE movella is copied from the word document I wrote it in, so some fo the paragraphs may not be paragraphs anymore.
Northana has frozen over! In a rush to evacuate, Lydia loses her way and encounters a prison. There she meets Heather, a nine-year-old girl who hasn't seen her family in years. Together, they escape and vow to set things right.


2. The Cave And The Russians

Lydia heard music, she didn’t know where from, though, she strongly believed that it would lead her to safety. So she followed the path that was the most musical, her instincts showed her the way.

Eventually, she came to a stone mound surrounded by gritt. Often she had encountered gritt and mostly it had been dangerous. Lydia gasped “Ohhhhhh!”She had trod carefully so no anonymous creatures emerged from the snow-white plain. On and on she trod, a high mountain came to sight but she chose to ignore it. The music seemed to be right next to her, Lydia backed up slowly, only to hit a bamboo cording. Fearfully Lydia whizzed round and knocked on the bamboo. Suddenly it opened, she stepped in...

Urban music rung in her ears, gazing upwards she saw twinkling stars, as her heart thumped against her bony chest. The beating of a drum sounded and feet clattered. Continuously this happened, rendering her head and body faint. Then a mighty voice boomed “STOP!”A huffy face appeared, “I sense footsteps...” He paused. “Hello?” Lydia shouted, her voice echoed off the walls. In a flash the room blacked out and she felt like she was being lifted but then she heard rails moving and felt herself drop.

Once her eyes had adjusted to the rationed light she saw numerous skeletons tightly grasped by steel chains but it was so humid that Lydia could barely see anything more. Except for when she strained her eyes, she saw; a rusty rail gate (prison bars), and a face. “Hang on,” she thought “a face?” Relaxing her eyes. Wah, wah...” a mysterious voice cried out into the darkness. “Who is it, are you alright?” Lydia called back. “I’m Heather , a native Russian from the cave in the corner of this startled. I was born on Kestrel Hill.” The voice replied.” I’m only nine.” “Do you think you can take me there?” Lydia asked.

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