Winter Crisis

I wrote this when I was in primary school, and my writing skills weren't as developed then as they are now, so please excuse all mistakes and poor pieces of writing, and notify me of them if they bother you.
The ENTIRE movella is copied from the word document I wrote it in, so some fo the paragraphs may not be paragraphs anymore.
Northana has frozen over! In a rush to evacuate, Lydia loses her way and encounters a prison. There she meets Heather, a nine-year-old girl who hasn't seen her family in years. Together, they escape and vow to set things right.


4. Suprise, Surprise, Surprise!

(Warning: This chapter was taken from the original book. Meaning there were pictures, and it wasn't really a very large chapter, just a filler. I was 9, then shortly before I finished, I became 10, please go easy on the 10 year old version of my writing.)

If Heather had seen this she would’ve gone mad.                                                                                           


Middle aged and skilled in survival, Ruby was one of Heather’s many sisters.



A talented acrobatic and third to last in the family.



Heather’s eldest sister. She was a part-time craft girl.



Constantly on her cushion, which was considerably worn, she loves to design furniture.



This is where Heather would’ve slept.



A gorgeous girl, the sister of Joseph was a great sketcher And she prefers to lie down during her sessions.


                                       Bella & Joseph

This is where Bella (the wife of Joseph), slept before she disappeared. Joseph now sleeps alone in this bed.


“Let us give thanks and ask to bless the meal before us,” murmured the family, all knelt solemnly. You could just hear the infinite number of conversations around the hotel. Life was something very momentous there, treasured in one’s heart forever! It was that, that brought us here today, that also brought this family to this place of rarity. When you hear others say ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, the fact is, the hotel in which we explore is one of the type. Poor as it may seem on the outside, within it is a treasure waiting to be discovered! So they ate while toasting to all the monarchs they could possibly think of!

“Oh!” Sighed Joseph who was the children’s father, “what mess those lemons have made. Come, we might as well clear it up.” Ruby reached vigorously for her cloth as a tiny hand was about to touch the very material...

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