Winter Crisis

I wrote this when I was in primary school, and my writing skills weren't as developed then as they are now, so please excuse all mistakes and poor pieces of writing, and notify me of them if they bother you.
The ENTIRE movella is copied from the word document I wrote it in, so some fo the paragraphs may not be paragraphs anymore.
Northana has frozen over! In a rush to evacuate, Lydia loses her way and encounters a prison. There she meets Heather, a nine-year-old girl who hasn't seen her family in years. Together, they escape and vow to set things right.


5. A New Face

The appearance of this new face startled everyone. It was literally a face, Ruby reached out wearily. Then took the infant in her arms, as she did so, a long tunnel was revealed to her! “Girls, come and have a look at this.” When they were all gathered around, Ruby spoke, “there’s a tunnel here, I wonder where it leads...” “Let’s go.”

As they reached the end of what seemed like the endless tunnel, the gravel gave way to a series of vents. “I’ll take it from here.” Spoke Joseph, their father. As the girls headed back, Joseph heard talking behind the vent directly in front of him! He could hear a woman’s voice, “Bring me that woman from Kestrel Hill.” He heard footsteps fading, that told him ‘the woman from Kestrel Hill’ could be anyone, but whoever she was, she would soon meet her fate.

On the lonely journey home, Joseph wandered and wandered who ‘that woman from Kestrel Hill’ could be. She could be just about anyone!

Later that night, in the dimly lit cove’ room, the air buzzed with the smell of fresh, luxurious caffine. The conversation, however, was not as lively as usual. It was more tense, with an air of suspension. Joseph was attempting  to inform his ‘friends’ of his discovery. “look, Joseph, she’s been gone for months. It can’t be her.” Joseph was disasppionted by this reply, he had hoped for one more positive. “I swear it is her, besides no one else has been taken or the news bringer would’ve said otherwise.” Joseph protested. “I’d say you’re still grieving about her, Joseph. You need to chillax.” “how am I supposed to chillax when my wife is on her deathbed!”screeched Joseph. “Joseph, we don’t know that yet.” “Oh yes we do!”Christopher was bewildered! “Sorry. Shoulodn’t have shouted at you, you’ve got enough on your plate.” Chris smiled.

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