If i could close mt eyes

young Jamie was normal from the day she was born , but .. the 12.of december her life shanged in ways she could never imagine when she was "normal" . she was 13 at the time.


1. mrs.John

I woke up as usually at 7:30 am, took on the dirty g-star raw t-shirt. I went down stairs to eat my cereal wich my mom had put out on the table for me because she needed to go to work at 6:00am . I looked at the clock , i jumped out of the chair and rushed out side with my leather boots half on and my brown jacket on my shoulder (that was a little to big but it ceppt me warm) i made it to the bus before it drove away. i came 3 minutes late and while trying to get as slowly and quietly walking towards my chair, hopeing that mrs.John wouldnt notice but .. so much for that >>Jamie!!!! your late again !<< everybody looked up from their books and looked at me (so awkvard) >> im sorry mrs.John il try not to let it happend again << i walked to my chair and sat down . We had math , mrs.john was busy teaching us to use a calculator (like we didnt know what it was !) while she was busy blabbing about what the x meens i took out a letter i found in my locker yesterday i didnt have time to open it yesterday it said : Jamie we have been ceeping an eye on you for some weeks, and we are ready to tell you that we have decided you are perfect for the job we are offering an 50 dollar pay check every day if you will be ready to take on dangerous tasks to help us to find a criminal u will be undercover so your identiti will be cept a secret w.r. speciel agent Riley << WOW what was that all about .. me undercover who could ever imagine that i meen i would get caught immedietly and what would my undercover name bee ohh maybe something like T-shirt haha the tought of me beeing an undercover agent and what it would look like got me through the day .

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