one summers day

a girls life changes forver by love.
but not all changes are good.


4. the date

the air was warm . the sund was setting. i was wearing a short blue dress with blue high heels. he was wearing jeans a leather jacket and a black top. we were sitting on a cliff watching the sunset. "you know valency, tonight i really had a good time, i know we just met , but  would you like to be my girlfriend?" i was feeling like flying , he was georgious, and i coukdent stop smiling, i was so shocked i couldent say anthing so i just nodded. he took my hang, gasing into my eyes , we were inches apart until suddnley our lips met, i swear there were fireworks when we kissed. a perfect end to a day. "i think we should start walking back" i said as we got up and heded home.

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