one summers day

a girls life changes forver by love.
but not all changes are good.


5. school

bree was still mad at me. she found out me and cao kissed , i thought she was over this but she wasent. she was acting like a bitch. when she walked into the room i looked up , she used to look like a nice person but now i could see another layer. a really mad layer. the lesson went on and i kept on looking over at bree. trouthfully i was scared, she was really popular, she can turn everyone on me.

DINNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! the bell rang.

"hey bree. im sorry u didnt get with cal but maby you will find somone else" i didnt mean that as a insult but apparently she took it as one. "well valency! you shouldent be stealing boys" at that point everyone started staring , i got mad and panicked so i shouted " well dont be a bitch and boys would like you" i know i made everything worse so then i ran out .

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