L is for love

a girl falls in love with her boyfriends brother which causes them a to die.


4. her room

when it was time to go home and get ready for her date with lucas alice promissed to give emma and livvy every detail of it well maby not every but some she couldent wait , she opend her white door and run upstairs to her room , it  was big but it didnt have much furniture in it ,there was her massive bed , the walk in closet and some shelves with her laptop. she never wanted a tv in her room , it didnt really fit in with her room which was all white blue and brown. she walked up to the mirror , she was wearing a long light blue dress,pale pink dolly shoes and her red  hair  was down and straight. her makeup was the usual all natural but as its a special occasion she let herself put on a little bit of gold eyeshadw which made her hazel eyes stand out and shimmer. alice was really beautiful. when she moves she can be mistaken for a butterfly .because of her grace, everyone loved her , but she was looking for that one special person which she tought lucas was  he was perfect for her. she checked her watch its was halve 10 she had just enugh time to stop by lucases house so she grabbed her car keys , rand downstairs and shouted "mum im gonna go meet lucas , il be back at bout 12 okey " as she said that her mum noded and she was already out the doors, and in her car she had really good feelin about this night.

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