Just a little deeper

The black side of my heart...


2. The end

The wind whisper my name, while the shadows drags me down.  The night is all over me. The rain won't let me go.  The moonlight rips me apart, and slowly pulls out my soul.  I want to scream. I want to wake up.  But the fog covers my mouth, and hole me to this nightmare.  The stars don't care.  They never were, they never saw me.  So there's nothing to do. I'm all alone, left up to the faith.  I have to fight me out.  But i can't breath, i can't move.  Sudenly a white angel wiht black wings, stads infrond of me.  She tells me: dont be afried.  She tells me: to believe.  She kisses me, holds me tight and sings her silent song in my ear.  Sudenly my eyes is open.  And so are my heart.  I realize that I fly. I flying throug the drakness, up in the unknown. 

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