Love never dies

They were soul mates. But he's being chased. Will their love survive?

Written for the Valentines competition.


2. On the Run

A week later, he was waiting outside my house. It was the dead of night, my parents were tucked up in bed, and I was sneaking out. The people had found him; and found out about me. Now we had to run. 

We crept down the street, keeping silent down the darkened pathways, avoiding the pools of light the streetlights spilled upon the ground. As soon as we had exited the housing estate, we broke into a flat out run towards the forest. It was soon looming in front of us, the trees bearing upon us like giants. It seemed impossible that anything were darker than the black sky, but the trees were silohuetted against it. Under the trees, surrounding the thick trunks where we were heading, it was even darker. How did all of these impossibilities come together in my life? Why me? What had I done?

Soon we were in the forest and my eyes could barely adjust. I could hardly see my hand in front of my face, and the other was clasped tightly in his. He would protect me from danger, I thought, as he led me deeper into the forest. My ears were more sensitive due to my eyes's lack of use, and every sound made me jump and squeeze his hand a little tighter. My heart was set into overdrive but managed to speed up even more as I heard a distant 'thwack'. He stopped, and I walked into his back. The forest was silent, except for our breathing and my heartbeat. I would've sworn I could hear his, too; it was a little more relaxed than mine, yet still faster than usual. We didn't move. Then, another distant 'thwack'. Still distant, but closer this time. Metres away. Maybe just feet. 

There was a crackling of leaves, that were found on lesser paths in the forest. Both of our feet were immobile - I doubted we could move them if we tried. There must be someone in the forest with us.

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