Love never dies

They were soul mates. But he's being chased. Will their love survive?

Written for the Valentines competition.


4. Goodbye

The man was circling me, making the leaves and twigs snap and crackle beneath his feet, repetitively whispering words I couldn't hear. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, his shoulder bumped him. "Aha, found you." He sounded victorious. A loud click let me know he was prepping his gun. "I'll bet you're regreting knowing him now, huh?" I tried to shake my head, and it connected with his gun, leaving a stinging pain just above my left eyebrow.  "No," I muttered, trying to make my voice loud and brave like he had, but it came out like a croak.  "You liar. Are you scared?" He pressed the muzzle to my temple.  "No." He laughed, then. An evil laugh that I thought you only heard on movies. "Liar." He whispered into my ear. "I'm going to kill you now. Say goodbye." My eyes were still shut, and I squeezed them tighter. Let this be a dream. I tried to feel inside of me for the connection I had felt with him, and almost smiled when I still found it. Death couldn't take away that. "Goodbye," I whispered. "I love you." And on some level, as my life ended there, I knew he said it back. And I knew he always would.

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