You are not alone.

I want to turn the world around.
I want to make a difference.
Did you know that there are roughly seven billion people in this world, the planet Earth? Everybody is trying to live without living just for the sake of living.
Whether it's the sweet smell of her neck, the satisfying ring of the cash register, the stranger on the 907 bus who smiles at you from time to time or even the ploppety plop of a broken tap. You live for it. What's the point of going on otherwise?
Go a step further. Do you have something you'd die for? Do you really deserve to live if you don't have anything to die for?
Or are you out there wondering? Like a good 6.9999 billion others.. What am I here for?
Well, I want to light up the world.
Nothing more, and definitely nothing less.


9. The Way There

We stopped a few times on the way there.

I have no idea why; it was a really short journey, and we didn't buy anything particularly relevant. Why would you stop to buy snacks when no one was hungry, or stop to get coffee when no one was tired? I'll never know, but it was fun, exciting and different all at the same time.

Benji talked an awful lot throughout the whole way there, and it was weird because usually I love to listen to all that he has to say, but for this journey, I really couldn't bring myself to focus on him.

There was something about the air, and the time, and the place that felt homely, and familiar. Like that grand final note in a piano piece. It felt like everything was in the right key. Poking my head out of one of the windows in the little Volkswagen that smelt of musk, sour lemons and Mike Noah felt so... right.

Eww. That's cheesy at it's best, right there. I tried to pay attention to every little detail, all of the shops we passed by, and how many yellow cars I saw. That was another thing that was weird, for once in my life I was scared that I would forget.

But I never forget.

It was insane.

The thing that tipped me right off that edge was the driving music. Eliza had been complaining for thirty minutes straight about the 80's hits. Mike didn't have a CD player, his car was not compatible with Eliza. At all.

"What kind of person only has a cassette player? Mike, tapes are ancient." 

That's right.


I bet you hadn't heard that word in a while. Don't worry, I had to remind myself of what one was when I looked to the front of Sheila. We had to have music, all of us agreed with that. What kind of epic road trip doesn't have music? It's unheard of. It's just that we were fairly, no very, limited. 

And after rumbling around in the glove compartment, Eliza rose triumphant, and with her pinky finger ejected the old noise and popped in a tape that was labelled "Music that's Forever". 

What followed was beautiful.

The sound of guitar strings, and keyboards, and everything that should be in a band. Yeah, it sounded kinda dated, but in a good way. I'd never really listened to music, other than for educational purposes. I'd never really had a favourite band, nor artist. But from that day onward, Dakota by Stereophonics was my favourite song. Where on earth did an old soul like Mike Noah come from with this kind of good music? The image of him winking and lip syncing "You made me feel like The One", is forever imprinted in my mind.

How could I not have had a stupid smirk on my face?

And nothing could ruin that journey, that few hours in Sheila, in the middle of nowhere. I really did feel that for once, I was going to last forever, I had no expiry date. I had friends. And nothing could dampen our spirits. Not the fact that we got lost three times, or the fact that we stopped for two unnecessary toilet breaks, which is way too much lost time.

But I think we did quite well, considering that life doesn't usually have dress rehearsals. 

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