You are not alone.

I want to turn the world around.
I want to make a difference.
Did you know that there are roughly seven billion people in this world, the planet Earth? Everybody is trying to live without living just for the sake of living.
Whether it's the sweet smell of her neck, the satisfying ring of the cash register, the stranger on the 907 bus who smiles at you from time to time or even the ploppety plop of a broken tap. You live for it. What's the point of going on otherwise?
Go a step further. Do you have something you'd die for? Do you really deserve to live if you don't have anything to die for?
Or are you out there wondering? Like a good 6.9999 billion others.. What am I here for?
Well, I want to light up the world.
Nothing more, and definitely nothing less.


1. Leapington Inst.

I find it so hard to understand.

School is such a depressing, run of the mill place. Everybody thinks that they are the worse off, that they have the worst life or parents or teachers. It's all about ME, in an institution where they try to make you think about US. And US is the fakest word in this sense. 90% of my teachers bang on about them, how they could have been superstars, how their life is the most boring life ever, or sometimes the most interesting one. They could have been something more, and by God they won't ever let you forget it. 


Everyone is so timid and pathetic, and I just have to grin and bear and pretend to be one of them. I know I was meant for something greater, something slightly more interesting. Not saving the world from nuclear explosions or being the primeminister (I refuse to sucumb to society and say president. I live in England for goodness sakes), or something equally as boring or far-fetched. I fancy being something like... I don't know. Just not this. 


And here I am, in the centre of this dying-if-not-already-dead hell hole. There are no knights in shining armour, because this is not typical teenage bogus (I was really tempted to replace that word with something a little stronger), or vampires (as attractive as they may seem to some people. I was always Team Jacob) not even werewolves (dangnabit). We don't even have a scary little forest. Shall I even begin to describe Leapington Institution - A Secondary Boarding School For Young Adults?


Imagine a really old piece of bread. I would be rock hard, very dry, not particularly interesting to look at... Maybe a tiny bit mouldy? That's my school. The dryest place in England. I'm not exaggerating (not an awful lot anyway). We have a groundskeeper, who refuses to do his job. He's growing weed in our allotments. He might aswell, otherwise they wouldn't exist would they? The field hasn't been cared of in years. It's down to survival of the fittest grass shoot. Biology's natural selection where all of the school can witness it. Then there is the Netball/Tennis/Basketball/Badminton courts (we manage to fit four sports on two courts), which has a such fungi variety, we're competing with the Amazon. And of course the racing tracks. Also known as the punishment for getting up late.


There are four buildings. The main school building, where you get Maths, English, History, Geography and Religious studies classrooms, along with the canteen, the library, the school hall and all of the administrative rooms. These rooms are decorated with a range of year seven bogus (replace bogus with stronger word here), water bottles, chewit wrappers and (of course everyone's favourite) gum.


What's your flavour? I'm sure it'll be somewhere in "The Library". I use speech marks because our Library is basically a  shoe cupboard with  Lidl Bag-For-Life in it, full of Roald Dahl and a dog-eared copy of the Hungry Caterpillar.


Which brings us onto the Arts Building!! My favourite of them all. This has a huge art studio, which is being put to good use no doubt, full of spotty teenagers with second hand digital cameras "Being Indie" and taking pictures of upside down plant pots. Go down a corridor and open a door and you have the music room. This is apparently "sound-proof" due to the empty cardboard egg cartons sellotaped to the walls. In here you will find an old and rotting out of tune piano and a church organ. No-one keeps their instruments here for the fear of them being stolen. We have a real sense of trust here.


Then there is Science Land. Let's keep this brief, because it's depressing. We have no mad scientists. We have hardly and supplies; our last bunsen burner was stolen by Kip (the escaped school Lizard). Chemistry is running out of Oxygen it seems, as it is the stuffiest place on earth. Biology's stench is unbelievable. And you won't ever want a trip to the South Pole after you've been in Physics. Just Sayin'.

Last, but not least, the school dorms. Need I say more? 


And I am rotting away in this institution. I'm going half mad and turning into them. Once you step in here, you won't leave the same. Change is not always bad, it's much more interesting than staying the same. But try and tell a farmer that Spring changing into Winter is a good thing and you can imagine the majority of the sane pupils in my school to that statement. 


I have started using personal pronouns when it comes to this Institution. Calling it "Mine" and "Our" shows that I'm slowly giving in. I will finally crack. It's inevitable.

But before I do, I'm going to do something great. I've decided.


Are you gonna be the first to hear about it?

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