A hard hitting drama about the pain of separation and love!


3. The visit

When we had got of the ferry it was dark so we had to go straight back to the hotel for tea. When we got to the hotel me and katie didn't know what to do first, pick a room or look around. I had called dibs on the biggest room so i had so see which room was biggest. My room had purple blinds with a black duvet and pillow case. I found some sweets in my pillow case which i was suprised to find. There was also a wardrobe ad dressing table. I layed out my purfume bottle, brush, clips and bobbles. Placed my clothes and shoes in my wardrobe and went to help katie unpack. Her room was very small compared to mine and only had a bed and chest of draws.She placed her things away and we went to see mum and dads room. It was huge. There were slide door wardrobes and lots of cabinets and a king sized bed. I was jelous.When had had tea in the fancy restrant we went to bed and i couldnt help feeling that i would see the boy i saw on the ferry again.First thing in the morning i got up, brushed  my hair washed and dressed as always.Mum said we were going to the Eiffel tower first but i wasnt keen on the idea of hights.

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