A hard hitting drama about the pain of separation and love!


1. The begining

It was 21st AprIl 2011 that this all began. I went on holIday and the worst thing happened.

My parents broke the news that we were goIng to parIs for 2 weeks. I thought it was all a joke but they showed me the ferry tickets so I had to believe it. It wasn't that I didn't  want to go because I was really excited but I thought  they were playing wIth me, as usual.

I couldn't wait. I called my friend Cathrine the moment I got into my room. By the way, Im Jess Williams and I live wIth my parents Barbra and  Peter Williams. Any way, when I called Cathrine, she couldn't believe It as much as me.

"Im goIng to parIs" I saId


"Yeah really"

"So what will you get me?"

"oh, I don't know, a snowglobe"


I wasn't actully sure what I was going to get her but I had to think of some thing quick to destract her.  I still had the mammouth task of packing my case, which I knew would take forever. My sister katie came in and started messing up and case and throwing them every where like a gust of wind. When she messed about I would always get agitated and tell her to get lost or stop being stupid, and as always, run to mum complaining. Eventually I decided to take a jacket,some strap tops and my favourite demin jeans. Plus flip-flops. Katie asked me to help her pack to so I had to pack her jumpers, trousers and shoes.I offered to help mum with her case to but she Insisted that she pack it herself. When we had all packed, dad put them in the car and we set of to the docks.









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