A hard hitting drama about the pain of separation and love!


2. Ferry

The ride to the docks in dover was so boring.Dad was talking about his job as a baker, mum was singing and katie was playing with her dolls, making her talk, all while i was just trying to sleep. We lived in werrington so it was really far.Half the time i didn't know where we were because it had quitend down so i had fallen asleep. Half way through the ride, we stopped at Macdonalds for somethng to eat caulse me and Katie were complaining that we were starving.

Though when we got in side it was a bit shabby. The floor was descustingly dirty and the blinds were falling down. Though it was filthy we still grabbed somthing to eat well we were there. I had chicken nuggets and coke with fries, Katie had fish fingers and milkshake with fries and mum and dad had a big mac each. It was delicious. I begged mum to get me and  katie a macfluffy until she said yes. We both had a smarties one. That was great to.

It was about 10:00am when we got back in the car and by that time i was stuffed. We kept driving right up until we got t to the dock which by this point it was 20:00pm so i had a quick look around the ferry. There was all sorts of things there. Shops, cafes, bars ,restrants and lots more. I only went in 1 shop because they wern't really my sorts of stores. I brought a stick of rock, head phones, and jellie beans.In the store i saw who i thought was the man of my dreams.Suddenly he came up to me and asked if i had any spare change i could lend him. My heart was pounding during this. When i got back to Katie she complained that i hadn't got her anything, but we were nearing calia were we were going to be starting of.Icould see the lightes that were around the city. It looked beautiful.2 whole weeks here. It was the start of an adventure.


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