Watching Eyes

A girl feeling vulnerable by admitting her love


1. Watching Eyes

I'm screaming passion in whispers that you can't hear

I'm slowly falling deeper into your safe arms

There isn't a noise that passes my lips which will assure you

So with this staining ink I’ll exploit what my heart beats for

It's a necessity that I’ve been restraining from making known

How could I tell you so simply that every moment slowly weakens me?

Yet it keeps me motivated as its perfection makes me strong

My eyes held captivated like a lens discovers every inch of you

Slowly taking in every crease on your body

From your eyelashes spread like soft, delicate pins

Your eyes with a dull shine that sink deeper than when I first noticed

Small flickers of brown compliment the subtle emerald shade

Every differing texture on your body completes you, making you real

Making you mine and crucially, making you here.

Lying next to me as if you never had to leave.

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