Ana's Diary - Exchange Year in Germany

20th June 2010 - 28th November 2010 (16 years old)
summer - end of the 9th grade
exchange year in Germany -10th grade.

Ana is a Romanian girl, who's about to go to Germany as an exchange student. Here's her diary as she struggles with life in an unknown country - learning the language, going to public school, making friends, living with the host family, falling in love ... Everything is going to be a challenge for her from here on!

BTW, it's a true story :D


1. To Do List

                                                                                                                         20th June 2010

Dear Diary,


Here’s a TO DO list before I go off to Germany:


- learn German:

       finish German course at Goethe Institut

       translate Peterchens Mondfahrt (reading will help me get the hang of the language)

       underline unknown words in Peterchens Mondfahrt and look them up in the dictionary

       watch ProSieben more often

       write e-mails to my future host family as often as possible

- learn to sew (buttons) - well, you never know what might happen

- learn to wash/iron clothes

- learn to cook the dishes that i want to eat there:

       cooked vegetables       


       scrambled eggs        

       mom’s soup etc.

- learn to draw better (because Jana, the older host sister, loves drawing):        

       use ‘The Structure of Man’, program recently downloaded from the Internet

- get used to going to sleep earlier/getting up earlier

- get used to using less water when showering/spending less time in the bathroom

- go out with friends more (all of them)

- go swimming with Lucia - exercise more -> more stamina + losing weight

- get used to spending less time on the computer

- think positive

- read as many books as I can from the waiting list

- learn to use Photoshop

- learn to use my brand new camera

- watch the series I’ve started to the end

          + watch as much as I can from the waiting list

- get all the documents I need from Romania

- read about German history, geography, literature, pop culture etc.

- that’s all for now!!          

         + learn Japanese                  

                     + maybe go out with Carmen, the girl from Japanese class, again



Side note: Now’s not the right time to have a boyfriend. You don’t really have someone you  like anyway. So don’t think about it anymore! OK?                  

        - learn to acually use iPod + charge batteries + upload music on it                                

                      =music - download everything you want to listen to in Germany

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