Heart Breaker No More

This is a sonnet (Love Poem) about a boy who is heart broken.


1. Heart Breaker No More

You broke my heart into tiny pieces,

Why did you do that? I loved you so much?

When I look at you now, my heart ceases.

All I want now is just a little touch.


It makes me feel sick when you are with him!

It makes my body shiver all over,

My world is now in a weird,dull colour

I'll win you back with a four leaved clover.


What is that I now hear? You want me back?

Oh My Gosh! I accept! I love you too!

What have you done? My life is back intact!

This week has been like living in a zoo!


I love you so much I can't believe it,

I hope now you're back, you won't ever quit!

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