Live Life To The Full

This poem's all about just enjoying life and inspiring you to reach your goals!


1. Live Life To The Full

Live Life To The Full

Life is a gift so use it well; Use it badly, and there’s always hell. Achieve your goals, be what you want to be, Life isn’t a curse; you were born to be free.

There may be people holding you back, There may be qualities you might lack, But all in all, you’re just you, Don’t do what everyone else wants you to do.

Don’t get me wrong, there are terrible nightmares, Horrible situations and awful scares. But there are more many amazing sights, Like awe inspiring nature and the Northern Lights.

Be adventurous; be exited, bold and daring, If you’re going to live be venturesome and thrill-seeking. There’s no point in life, if it’s going to be dull, If you want to feel good, then just live life to the full!  

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