Left alone to die

This short story is about a girl becoming stranded alone in a forest after a surprising and unexpected turn of events... A killer is after her and she's finding it difficult and frightening to hide from him in the black of the night.


2. Guilty conscience

Charley had gone through the events time and time again in her head. She wiped the sprouting tears away that were emerging from her face and looked down at her stiff, icy fingers. Guilt surrounded her. As the cab had had swerved into the forest and the driver had pulled out a thick blade, Charley had thrust herself towards the car door and ran. As she glanced back at high speed, she’d seen him choking Jade with his arms fully locked around her neck. Charley had a flashback of her pain, her terror and her disbelief. She pictured her friend still in the car, struggling, trying to break free. Starting to sober up a little, Charley shook her head back and forth violently in disbelief. She had abandoned her friend. Just left her there.  Left her alone to die.

Charley pressed her hand up against her cheek and rubbed her eyes. It must be what. 3 a.m.? She contemplated. Maybe, just maybe, if she slept, it would all be better in the morning. That’s if she survived the coldness of the night. Peering around for somewhere slightly more sheltered, she took comfort in a log a few yards off. ‘I’ll be safe here.’ She mumbled to herself reassuringly. Little did she know. Time passed incredibly slowly. The night dragged on.

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