The Secrets of Almaro

This is the first two chapters of a book I'm currently writing, I would like to know what you all think!

Tricia is a sixteen year old magic weaver, with a specialism in the earth, she has a free spirit, much to her mother's dissaproval, and love to be free, mostly of the horrible dresses her mother continually stuffs her in. Soon she is told that she is to marry the stuck-up prince of Almaro. This is the most horrible thing that could ever happen, she just wants to live her life free from all the royals and balls.


1. Chapter One

“Mom I can’t marry him! He is a stuck up pig! And he is like two years older than me!” I shouted at her. We were standing in the streets of Evergrove, the main one actually. I was about to throw a fit. My mom hated fits. She says it makes the neighbors talk, even though technically our neighbors live over two miles away from our house. She‘s almost a bad as the rest of them. I just wish dad would return. It is much easier when he is here. I couldn’t believe he said yes to go on that life endangering mission. I know he is one of the king’s best spies, but still, he is my father.

“Dear don’t throw a fit, you know I don’t like it. We will talk more at home, also about you starting to behave more like a lady, and less like a loose lass.” She said in a hushed tone. It was really just her way of saying I was behaving like a slut. Which was the furthest from the truth, I behaved like a perfect lady. Okay maybe that is overdoing it a little; I do have a reputation of being loose. But I’m really not. I just go out with boys, and they’re only my friends. People around here are just so narrow-minded. They can’t see that it is possible for a girl and a boy to be just friends. Besides I can’t hang out with the girls they are all really annoying. They all go around gushing about how soon they get to be married. I had always made fun of them. I didn’t think I would be in the situation that they all dreamed about. I was the granddaughter of a lord, a very highly placed lord, and so today the royal family had sent a letter to our house that I would be marrying the prince. And there was just no way in hell that was going to happen. I didn’t even like the prince as a person; he was superficial and didn’t even bother to care about all the suffering people in his kingdom. I had tried to persuade him to help out, while we were at school, but he just wanted to flirt with all the girls. I really couldn’t believe that I was the one with the reputation; he was the one who was getting with all the girls. I hurried to catch up with my mom.

“Mom I’m serious, I’m not marrying him! He is such an ass!” I said.

“Do not say like that about your fiancé! And call me Mother, mom sounds so vulgar.” She said, not even looking at me. She was very old fashioned. Most people around here embrace the modern, the technology. But she is stuck in her way. She only wants the magic, which I don’t mind, the magic is way better than the technology. I wouldn’t give up my gift for anything. Though I still thought it would be nice with a TV, but no, I could read a book if I wanted entertainment. We got to the car; the only thing my mom agreed was a good invention. There were no smelly horses and it went so much faster. We got in the back seat.

“Hurry Richard, I’m not in the mood for a long drive.” She said the driver. It was a wonder she even knew his name, but he had been our family’s driver since I was a little girl.

“Mom please,”

“Mother.” She interrupted.

“Right, mother, please, don’t make me marry someone I will be miserable with forever. You got to marry the one you loved, why can’t I?” I pleaded, though I knew it wouldn’t help, she had the stick so far up her butt it would never come out.

“I may have gotten the husband of my choice, but it was also the one my parents choose for me. I didn’t get to choose. I didn’t fall in love with your father and then marry him. I fell in love with him because I had to marry him.” She said, looking straight ahead, like this was just the way the world worked. I couldn’t believe it. My mother and father hadn’t gotten married because of love, but because they were told to? This was an outrage, they had always told me they got married in love.

“Are you kidding me? So all this time you lied to me?”

“No, we did fall in love before the wedding, but we both wanted to fall in love. We both knew that it was the best thing for our families, and for our future. In time you will see that too.” Her voice was expressionless, like her face.

“I can’t believe this. Richard pull over when we reach the forest, I need to think.” I said. There was a place I always went to when I couldn’t handle the world.

“No we need to start planning the wedding, and you and Prince Roland need to meet. You have to spend as much time together as possible before the wedding.” She started babbling on and on about the wedding. I didn’t listen, I just nodded to Richard in the mirror, and he nodded back. He was going to stop where I wanted to get off. We had an understanding; he got how my mom was sometimes a little hard to take. I looked out the window. The trees were right up ahead, they meant freedom to me, they meant I didn’t have to be stuck inside this horrible dress, and that I could do what I wanted. I didn’t like the city much; I preferred the woods and lake that was just outside it. I had spent many summers just swimming around, and swimming in the lake. It had been something me and my dad always did. I could see our house in the distance, the giant mansion. Then suddenly the car came to a halt at the side of the road.

“What is going on, Richard why are you stopping?” my mom stopped her flow of words, and looked around confused. “Because I asked him to, don’t be mad at him he’s just doing as I ask him to. I will see you at dinner, I need time process this.” I said, and hopped out of the car. My mom was about to say something when I shut the door. The car drove off and I waved a little after it. Then I turned to look at the mouth of the forest. It was magnificent, and so beautiful. I started walking in, letting every smell and sound consume me, feeling totally at peace with everything. I walked for a while like this, just relaxing. Then when I felt mostly at peace I stopped up, and I started taking off my dress. When I stood in nothing more than my skin and underwear, and felt the spring breeze swipe over my flesh, I started weaving, because that was what I was; a magic weaver.

My specialty was the earth and all its lushness. I focused all my thoughts on what I wanted. And then I started to hear singing from my surroundings, they were responding to my plea. I opened my eyes and I saw the most amazing thing in the world. Around me were the wood nymphs from the forest, the ones I had been friends with all my life. They never had a true form; they were sort of blurry and transparent. But they were beautiful and graceful, all in different colors and all representing a different part of the woods. A whistling sound came from behind me, and from between the trees shot ribbons, they flew over and wrapped around me, sweetly caressing my skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Then it stopped and I opened my eyes. I was wearing a very simple yet beautiful white dress. It was not big and stiff like all the ones my mother made me wear. But it was freeing and I could easily move in it. I looked up at the cluster of color and light around me. A sound of music reached my ears, I started laughing for no reason at all, and I could hear my voice echoed like bells around me. All the nymphs were dancing around; they were twirling and moving with the rhythm of the music of the forest. I loved this part of my power. I couldn’t believe that they were all here. I joined the nymphs in their dance. Their laughter sounded like wind chimes. They couldn’t really talk, but I understood them anyway. I looked down myself, I was glowing. From my heart a magnificent green glow that erupted all the way through my body. I could almost swear I was hovering a little. I was completely at ease and never wanted to go home. Though I knew I had to.

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