2. Letter to Panda

Dear Pandora Banks

I never knew exactly what to say, I know I probably shouldn't write to you but I find it difficult not to communicate with you in some way. I'm aware I've never been perfect at telling you what you mean to me. I seriously think you're the one person I truly care about. I know I left you , I know I broke your heart multiple times but hopefully telling you that I'll always remember you will atone for some of the pain caused. I  should have told you that a long time ago but I was too foolish and too scared to go through with it. I know writing it in a letter isn't the best way but at least you have some proof now. I will always remember Pandora Banks. Panda was the only one who cared.

I know this isn't perfect but I'm trying 

Yours Sincerly 

James Black

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