3. Letter to James

Dear James,

You're never going to be perfect, you're just an ordinary man. An ordinary man who hides his feelings and doesn't always say the right things. Ever since you've been gone, I've been thinking about everything between us. Were we real? We were never even together. I don't know what we are, we kissed only twice ,once drunk aned once right before you left. I think if you hadn't kissed me before you left, I wouldn't even be writing to you. I know you don't have the answers but I want to know what draws me to you. I've never really cared about anything, yet I care about you. You are the one who will always confuse me James Daniel Black. I don't know what it is I feel for you but there's something there. There's always going to be something there.

I don't know why I write to you, this letter has no meaning, it's just a ramble.It reminds me of us being drunk and having conversations till three in the morning where nothing made sense but as long as you were there, I felt happy. It didn't matter whether we arguing, fighting or making each other cry, you always made me feel happy. I could tell you everything, sometimes I didn't even have to tell you , you'd look at my face and you'd already know. I know I won't get that back for a long time but I wish I could.

It's about time I said it, it's way too late but still,

I love you.

Yours sincerely ,

Panda Banks

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