Poem of the Narzhiven

The Poem of the Narzhiven is taking place in an unknown fantasy world. The 'Narzhiven' are a tribe of seers, who once upon a time came up with several prophesies. All of those, in time, has been written down and eventually lead to this.


4. Once Were Allies

In time you learned, the secrets we had, 

But cheered you were not, I saw you look sad.

The thing about poems, the wisdom it wields,

Is only the right thing, when your mind it shields.



The wind is cold, the sun has frozen,

It shows the way for those few chosen,

You follow them closely, walk into the night

, For after all, the world has lost its light.


So trust in my words, my treasure you get,

I know it is hidden, the first place we met.

Among us, the prophets, my title is low,

That’s why of all prophets, my help I will show.



You tend to forget, and that’s where you fall,

And none of you hear me, whenever I call.

And even through failure, you make people grin,

We shall have revenge, when later you win.


But victory is nothing, you just can reclaim,

And I would be cursed, just by shouting your name,

So even if I chose to be with you now,

You have to get to us yourself, somehow.



The first code I gave you, of which you forgot,

And long lost the key is so help I cannot.

We started as friends, but now you deceive,

And that is the point, of where I chose to leave.


But hate me not; I am all that is here,

Although I am gone, you are still getting near.

Remember you hate me, to which I reply,

The hatred is what gave you wings to fly.

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