Poem of the Narzhiven

The Poem of the Narzhiven is taking place in an unknown fantasy world. The 'Narzhiven' are a tribe of seers, who once upon a time came up with several prophesies. All of those, in time, has been written down and eventually lead to this.


1. Changing Times

And now they sleep, 

In tombs unrest,

In darkness they whisper:

"Your world is a test!"


And one day they rise,

Wake up from their sleep,

Again they will whisper:

"Which live will you keep?"


Your path has been chosen,

Your mindset is clear,

Though demons will roar out:

"You are not welcome here!"


But you will not perish,

Sword firmly in hand,

The Guardian will shriek out:

"You don't understand!"


And you will get angry,

The sword getting red,

A power unmatched:

"I want you all dead!"


Then silence will come,

The work here is done,

A world lies in ruins:

"By night we'll be gone."


A mountain, a table,

Ten dreamers around,

They sigh and then vanish:

"The victory sound."

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