Take a Second Glance

It was one of those days when it's a minute away from snowing and there's this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For fifteen minutes.


2. Take a Second Glance II



It may be polluting the earth, but isn’t it nice to see one… Makes you think of your holidays.

You don’t realize that there are hundreds of people on there, in that little white arrow. It’s got the sky to itself.

Watch as those little thin white lines slowly widen. Watch the arrow disappear past the horizon. It drifts almost silently through the air doesn’’t it? Its miles away from you, it rules the sky. That infinite sky.

What about when you’re on a plane, especially at night, when you’re looking down onto the Earth below, you’re looking at home, no matter where you are. You see those little clusters of lights on the ground, like looking at a starry sky through the reflection of water. You’re looking down onto things you would usually be looking up at, like when you’re passing by a street light. You look down on cities from a plane, and you see them like little white dots, if you close one eye and press your finger against the plane window, you can block out that particular town, or city. Meanwhile, down on the ground, you look across the city and it carries on into the horizon, its infinite, like the sky above.  You’re a free soul, flying through the air, it’s the nearest dream you’ll get of being a bird.

Look to the sun, that super bright light in the sky, the one you can’t directly look at, the one that helped create our world. Look at it. You don’t instantly realize that 6 billion other people are sharing that same light as you, they’re feeling that warmth, that light, that star. People from across the planet, are looking at the exact same light as you are, say its 4pm over here, it’s only 11am in America, 3000 miles away, yet they’re looking that the exact same light as you are, so is China, Australia, Russia, every single country, every single person on this planet has seen the same sun you’re looking at. That light, that star, it helped create us, it’s helping us grow our plants, see the things we see.

Sunlight. The light of life. Without it we wouldn’t exist...

- Contiues in Take a Glance part III ....


Copyright - Lucas Leon Randrup / Craig Hinxman - 05/03 - 2012

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