Just a phase - Valentine Days

Poem about 'love' on a Valentine day between two strangers... Hope you like it :)

PS. Sorry for the pessimistic tone of the poem :S XD


1. Just a phase - Valentine Days

Love is all i care about

Makes me want to scream out loud

If you want to play with me

Come on, boy, I’m easy


What’s that kind of love you say

You don’t want sex anyway

You’re into this new American trend

Where your lover’s just a friend

And the lovings never end


Well, news flash for you my boy

I do want to be your toy

Come and get to bed with me

My love is shown this way you see


Look, I’ve made you turn all red

Playing tag around the bed

We are both over the moon

You ask me: Is it too soon?

Then everything goes boom


That’s all that I want from you

I know you’re happy with this too

Now we go our separate ways

Everything was just a phase

We’ll wait for more valentine days...

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