Spherical Warfare

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1. Chapter one

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Books of Wisdom - Spherical Warfare                              By Ian Connor                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Part One - Sickness of an Open Mind

Chapter one


With faces rather solemn two men trudged in odd obliviousness to doing so. Twigs snapped and leaves were pressed as the duo quite simply walked, caring absolutely naught at all where their footsteps would be placed. Their eyes were distant and dull, an excellent companion to their fatigued walk; All in all a highly drained pair of men came down a hillside that had by courtesy of the wind very recently been covered in dry and thus crisp leaves from a nearby-laying clutch of trees. A nebulous fog hung in the air and the visibility was low, which was ultimately what caused the vanguard of the two to stop and prepare to make camp. For bystanders incoherent comments were occasionally made between the two when a certain task needed coordination, but they were otherwise silent, even as they ate their dried rations and packed themselves in blankets; resting  lightly against the soft, grassy wall of the ridge they had camped in. When all had been still and quiet for the better part of an hour, conversion finally found its grasp on the two. The initial words came from the younger of the two men, a tall and obvious agile persona with a wonderfully gentle face and shoulder-long blond hair considered greasy only by fine standards. "Staring at the skies won't bring you back to Landsmouth," he noted as casually as one could with a voice unmistakably influenced by immense sorrowful emotion. "Mmhm, it won't." the other grunted and took a pause of thoughtfulness. "Being retired can be good, I especially enjoy drinking fancy wines pretentiously and then tossing the rest out, although it does miss that one element only actual adventure can bring." was the response for the second man; a much stockier state of affairs with an unimpressive height, but the widest shoulders this side of the Angdorian Sea. The entire ordeal was tipped off with a worn eye-patch and a mane of steel-grey hair cut the very way it'd be done in a military setting. "Besides, I couldn't let you wander around on your own with good conscience, now could I?" "You've always worried about my safety," the blond continued. " You'd think that after all our training I had proven myself." "Please." "Well, we both know that by now I've saved your wrinkled old skin far more than you've mine, I wonder what it'll take to be considered capable in your eyes?" the blond inquired with a quirked brow. The veteran simply grunted, and the conversation was finished.    Illuminated only by a faint gloom stemming from the slowly yet steadily diminishing embers in the fireplace, two silhouettes snickered and laid to rest, entirely unaware of the spectators peering down from the ridge, hidden perfectly within a thick foliage of shrubs yet to surrender their leaves to the harsh season.    The morning reclaimed its embrace on the world and they begun at a lively pace, and only a handful of minutes had passed after their hurried breakfast until they stood atop the mountain encasing the valley they had slept in. The view would've impressed any commoner, alas being two skilled and well-versed mercenaries and general bringers of trouble had brought the two companions to the far reaches of the known world; they had seen views quite greater and far more beautiful, as well as they had seen things far worse. Thus, their faces were if possible even plainer than they had been the previous day; the only deviation of this was when a burst of white shimmering flames had appeared in front of the stocky man, hastily surrounding him. The blond had taken a step to the side and brought forth his weapon, but to absolutely no avail, for the flames climaxed in a bright light and he was blinded. After regaining his vision, the blond had found himself ignorant as to his current whereabouts.


Sean had fled law enforcing units on a plethora of occasions, and at first glance this would be no different, which was indeed also what Sean thought as he passed the hallway and nimbly swung over a banister and into the free outdoors. The landing took place on cobblestone only softened by a thin layer of rain and mud; A big part of which would then soil his clothes as he entered a kneeling stance in order to take off the tip of the impact. The people inhabiting the streets peered in his direction as he ran away as though a cat had sprouted wings and flown off with a horse between its claws, for having just jumped off the estate of the city's mayor and acting head of safety and run off with a highly daunting security force on one's heels all the while sporting the most cracked up smile accompanied by a few hearty chuckles must demand several degrees of insanity. Sean leaped to his right through a trading post or two, sending exotic wares and goods in all directions as he did so, and brought himself into an alleyway which produced immediate regret. In front of him was bare wall and all nearby windows were shuttered up tightly; There was no escape.  Baffled, the guards then were when the first to arrive charged at the nimble thief and instead of tightening a grip around the thief's torso, he fell and his ghastly aquiline nose was pressed against the cold and muddy cobbles of the ground. The later arriving guards would afterwards testify that white shimmering flames had appeared and engulfed the thief, then to bring him elsewhere.

"I simply wanted to save you while there was something left to save" a voice echoed again and again for two confused minds, until a point where, after uncountable repetitions, the voice was cut off mid-sentence, never to continue this very statement ever again.

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