A relationship that does not work out. They still regret, but think about the badthat would come out of a long relationship.


1. Mistaking giving up you

I don't miss you, but that would be a lie,

More like a tsunami in my eyes.

Love always ends on a low note,

We'd make up but never keep us afloat.


We went together like chalk and cheese,

Maybe our hearts were at nought degrees.

We were good but we did not work out.

Couldn’t live with that shadow of doubt.  


Face it, we were never much of a team,

Maybe we were just stuck in our daydream.

Felt like  we were slowly sinking, waisting,

And that we were crumbling like pastries.


Supposed to be together forever,

Thought that we were perfect but however.

I guess I must have got that wrong,

That’s my luck but got to stay strong

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