The truth about Amelia White

Amelia's life is full of unexpected turns and twists which are haunting her future. Her past lies unknown with no friends and a family who are not who they seem. Amelia must discover her past and what really happended to her family. Secrets, lies, truth and honesty are to be revealed once she reveals her past which lies unforgotten. Amelia must decided whether her family are telling the truth or just lies all along. Amelia no hope to discover her past, she must find out the truth and put the lies behind her. With secrets locked behind walls and a family you don't know whether to trust them or not. Amelia must seek out the truth before it is too late and her life will be unknown forever...


2. Questioning Amelia

“Ok, but why did you kidnap me in the first place?” “We knew no-one would find out who Amelia White is so we decided to try and find out Amelia White to all of our pieces together and have her as part of our family again.” “But why did you kidnap me?” “We thought, you were Amelia but we were wrong.” “I see.” “We are going to ask you a few questions before we let you go .” “Ok, but I don’t want any personal questions about my family.” “No problem, so what is your name?” “Martha Jenkins.” “How old are you?” “Fifteen years and two months.” “Where were you born?” “London.” “That’ll do, you are now free to go.” “Thanks, but where do I go to get out of here?” “Turn right out of here, first door on your left.” “Thanks.” I walked out of the room slowly; following the instructions I had been given. I came to a door, which I had came through once before. I was outside. The fresh air was blowing against my hair, and my face had a huge grin across it beaming with joy. I decided to get the next bus home, it was getting rather late. Route 918. I will try to catch the 6 o’clock bus as I stood there waiting in line. The bus finally came, I paid and got on. As I staggered up the aisle, about twenty pairs of eyes stared at me. I sat down next to the window, the thoughts of them to people at the warehouse who kidnapped me flashed through my head. The thought of having my family, friends and police involved was truly out the question. I had arrived at my stop; I thanked the driver and got off. Only a few blocks away stood my house. A kind and caring sort of place looked down upon me. I opened the door and went in, I sighed with relief, to be back home. “Where have you been?” Mum. “Hi Mum, been to a friend’s house.” “Well, next time tell me where you are going, I have been worried sick!” “Ok, Mum can you make me a sandwich or something, I’ve had nothing to eat.” “Well, we have had ours so you’ll have to have a takeaway.” “Alright, I’ll just get something to eat out from the cupboard.” “Martha, which friend’s house have you been to?” “Umm……you know…that girl from over the road.” “Martha!” “What?” “Where were you? You are lying to me, Martha and I don’t like it!”

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