The truth about Amelia White

Amelia's life is full of unexpected turns and twists which are haunting her future. Her past lies unknown with no friends and a family who are not who they seem. Amelia must discover her past and what really happended to her family. Secrets, lies, truth and honesty are to be revealed once she reveals her past which lies unforgotten. Amelia must decided whether her family are telling the truth or just lies all along. Amelia no hope to discover her past, she must find out the truth and put the lies behind her. With secrets locked behind walls and a family you don't know whether to trust them or not. Amelia must seek out the truth before it is too late and her life will be unknown forever...


4. Honesty is the policy

“Martha, what did the man and woman look like?” asked the policeman. “Well, the man had a cold stare, black hair, brown eyes and he was wearing black jeans, white t-shirt and blue trainers. The woman was wearing a purple jacket, a flowery-printed long sleeved top, white jeans and white pumps on. She had long, black, flowing hair, brown eyes and she did have a scar on her left hand side of her cheek.” “Thank you, Martha! So she had a similar look to you.” “What the woman?” I answered back puzzled. “Yes, the woman.” “I suppose so, when you put it that way then yes!”     Once the policeman and woman had finished questioning me, they decided to head off back to the police station for a further investigation. “Mum, I am now glad you called the police, I am sure I told them everything they need to know.” “Maybe you should go to bed; Martha after all, tomorrow is another day.” “Good night Mum and Dad.” I replied stumbling up the stairs. As I got ready for bed, I realized that I would go to sleep and forget about it till morning. The next day… I woke up and went downstairs to breakfast; I was wondered about telling Mum about Amelia White. I went into the kitchen and made myself a cup of milky tea. Mum came down the stairs looking tired and restless, she had blood-shot eyes and her lips were thin and pale. “Mum, can I tell you about something?” “Yes dear, whatever is the matter?” “Last night, when I was going to bed, I realized that I hadn’t told the police about some information the man and woman had given me.” “Right, maybe you should have breakfast, get dressed and then I’ll tell the police to come down and you can tell them then.” “Ok, thanks Mum.” I gulped down my cup of tea and made myself some whole meal bread and popped it in the toaster. Since today was Saturday, I had managed to complete my homework even though I had enough things on my mind. Once I had breakfast and got dressed, Mum rang the police. A few minutes later, the police arrived at my door once again. “How can we help you this time, Martha?” the friendly policewoman asked. “I need to tell you something really important which I didn’t have chance to tell you yesterday.” “Sure, what is the problem?” “The man and woman who took me told me that they thought I was Amelia White……” “Who?” Mum interrupted rudely. “Mum, I was in the middle of speaking.” I answered back annoyed. “Sorry, carry on.” Mum replied meekly. “The man and woman who kidnapped me said that they thought I was Amelia White who was related to them. They wanted to fit all of their pieces together to have her as part of their family again. They thought I was Amelia White that’s why they kidnapped me.”

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