The truth about Amelia White

Amelia's life is full of unexpected turns and twists which are haunting her future. Her past lies unknown with no friends and a family who are not who they seem. Amelia must discover her past and what really happended to her family. Secrets, lies, truth and honesty are to be revealed once she reveals her past which lies unforgotten. Amelia must decided whether her family are telling the truth or just lies all along. Amelia no hope to discover her past, she must find out the truth and put the lies behind her. With secrets locked behind walls and a family you don't know whether to trust them or not. Amelia must seek out the truth before it is too late and her life will be unknown forever...


6. Deciding on the right choices

“Why not child, it would be lovely for you to meet your parents for who they truly are?” “No, I don’t want to. My real parents are kidnappers they tried to take me away for good!” “I know how hard this has been for you, but if you are sure?” “I am positive.” I replied feeling angry at my parents. “How long are my parents going to prison for?” I asked. “Several years.” “Good!” I exclaimed. “Martha!!! What such a thing to say!” Mum said surprised. “Well, you know what they say, the longer the better!” I replied with a huge, smiley grin across my freckled face. “Anyway, I want us to be a good family1” I remarked. “We are aren’t we?” Mum replied. “Oh, we are and I want us to be one, big family just as we should be! Mum, Dad and I …Amelia White!”                                          To be continued…

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