Mam vs. Vampire

This is how love can truly rule.


1. Mam vs. Vampire

Late at night, When everyone's in bed, Our vampires wake, Those our children dread.

As bold as a lion, As quiet as a mouse, Our vampires stalk, From house to house.

Screams high and scared, Pierce the night air, While everyone hides, Under their chairs.

One mother with a baby, Refuses to let go, The Vampire laughs, Deep and hollow.

"You think you can out run me? Hide or fight?" The vampire chuckled, Voice high with might.

"Please don't eat her! Eat me instead!" The mother cried, Her voice filled with dread. "Aright," he said "I'll kill you instead."

When the vampire had finished, Triumphant with glee, The vampire turned, And sunk his teeth into the baby.

Then a miracle occurred, The mother's ghost arised. She shrieked with fury. The vampire turned in surprise.

The Mothers ghost had a wooden stake, Held in hand. She plunged it through the vampires chest, A mothers love no one would understand.

The baby lived, Healthy and well. And the vampire? He went straight to hell.

The mothers ghost went to heaven, Killing the Vamp In 1777.

The people learned, To stand up, to the vampires in town. But that's another story, for another day, So don't begin to frown.

The baby grew up, Knowing only one thing, About her mothers death, Knowing she was kin.

Her mother died to save her, That terrible night, To kill that vampire, That caused a lot of fright

Chloe Eaton

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