The beginning of the end.

Ever wondered what it would be like if one morning, you wake up, and the world as you know it has been turned upside down by a deadly infection that kills people, but causes them not to stay dead? 14 year old Nick has just woken up to this nightmare. And unfortunately, this bad dream will never end...


4. New friends.

Nick found it weird that he had changed so quickly this morning. If Jim was being eaten by his zombie mum any other day, then Nick would of tried to safe him. But after killing three zombies and with his life in danger, he was no longer a 14 year old boy. He was now what he had always wanted to be. A zombie slayer.

"Nick, I can't believe that you just left them two behind like that."said Darren.

"Neither can I."said Nick.

"So anyways, where was it that we are planning on going?" asked Darren, eager to change the gloomy subjet of leaving Jim for dead.

"Oh, we're just going to pic up some friends." replied Nick. He had almost forgotten about going to get them.

"Who?" asked Darren.

"Well, first we should pic up Greg," replied Nick. "Ah, and here we are now." said Nick. They stopped at Greg's house.

"Follow me." Nick told Darren. He lead Darren around to the back of the van."We don't know if everyones alright in the house. They could all be zombies. Which is why you're staying in the van."

"No way. If they're all zombies, you can't take them on all by your self. I'll help." said Darren. Nick was not sure about this. It was true that he may need some help in getting into the house and killing the zombies. But he did not want to put his brother in danger. He may be the only family member left.

"Plus, we've not seen any zombies apart from that one you killed whilst we were driving in the van. What if they all come around the corner and attack me whilst you're in the house. I'll stand no chance by myself." Added Darren.

"Fine, you can come with me. But before we do anything else, we've got to be equipped." Nick said, then he pulled open the back of the van.

"The tools are all in here. It's time to pick you're wepons." said Nick, then a smile grew on his face. Nick jumped in to the back of the van, and Darren followed.

A few minutes later, the two boys jumped back out of the van ready for whatever was in Greg's house. Nick was equipped with two claw hammers, one for each hand, and a nail gun clipped onto the side of his trousers. He was also wearing one of his dad's lagre belts from his right shoulder to his left hip. He had filled every part of it with as many nails for his nail gun as possible. Darren was holing a wrench using both of his hands and screwdrivers were tucked into each side of his trousers. They were getting syched-up about the raid of Greg's house. Nick locked the van door's behind him, then the boys ran into the house. darren tried to kick the door open but failed, so Nick tried the door handle, and it was open.

"Alright zombies, who wants some pain!" yelled Darren. Although he was trying to be brave, anyone could tell he was scared out of his mind. Nothing answered his call.

"Come on, I'm not scared of you, you filthy little maggots!" shouted Darren. Then somthing came around the dark corner. Darren ran behind Nick and and yelpped in fear." Don't let him get me!" squealed Darren.

"Nick? Darren? Is that you?"asked the shadowy figure.

"Greg? Oh thank God its you!"replied Nick."Darren was scared that it was a zombie!" Darren quickly slipped out from behind Nick.

"I was not!" shouted Darren.

"Oh, you were so!" shouted Nick with a laugh.

"How can you joke when zombies are on the rampage!" shouted Greg, which Nick did not expect, as Greg usually didn't get angry. Nick did not know how to respond to this. He thought for a moment. It was true that they were being a bit careless at a time like this. Nick finally found an answer.

"Because we know how to kill them!" replied Nick.

"Are you sure that you can kill them?" asked Greg in a disbelieving voice. "I know how to kill them on games, but I'm not sure about real life."

"Well, the last four that I killed seemed pretty dead to me."replied Nick smugly.

"Yeah, we destryed them!" shouted Darren.

"Don't you mean, that I destroyed them, whilst you coward behind a pillow?" laughed Nick.

"Yeah, I suppose so." said Darren in an embarresed voice.

"So, where are your mum and dad?"Nick asked Greg.

"Well, we woken up early and found out about the zombies. My dad thought about stocking up on supplies, for if the worst comes to the worst. I think they went to the corner shop."

"OK, do you want to come with us? We have our dad's van with some space in the back, and a spare seat in the front."asked Nick.

"I don't want to leave my mum and dad. Can we go and find them. They left about an hour ago, and they havn't came back." Greg said. He seemed more frightened of the zombies than Nick. Nick was quite small for a fourteen year old boy, and Greg was about average height. Although Greg was thin, and did not seem to be reay for a fight against a zombie. Nick did Tae-Kwon-Do, and was one belt away from being a black belt, so he could fight quite well. And Nick almost wanted to fight, but Greg would not get into a fight if he could help doing so.

"Well, how about you come with us in the van, and we'll help you find you're mum and dad. The first place we''ll check is the corner shop." Nick negotionated.

"OK then." Greg replied.

"Good. Now lets go." said Nick. The boys walked out to the van and jumped in.

"Do you know how to drive this?" asked Greg nerviously.

"Oh ye of little faith." said Nick confidently. As if the van answered Greg's question, as soon as the van stared, Nick stalled the van.

"Damn it." said Nick angrily, so he restarted the van and got going.

There was fear in every boy's hearts as they turned the corner. There were at least thirty zombies crowded around the corner shop.

"Holy shit." said Nick slowly. The zombies turned to the hum of the engine. They began to sprint as fast as their weak legs could. Nick looked at the mirror, and zombies had also began to come out of the houses behined them. Nick looked round to the road in front of them only to see zombies coming out of the few houses in front of the van. There was no room to get the van going quickly to ram the zombies and get through the horde of zombies blocking their path.

"Ram them!"yelled Darren.

"I can't, there's no room to get going!" replied Nick. The only silent one of them was Greg. He was sure he could here another car engine in the distance. The noise was getting louder and louder. Greg was sure it was a car. The zombies were almost upon the van, when a land-rover came around the corner, and rammed several of the zombies away. They went right through, then turned around. Again the car ran into the group of zombies, thining the horde. Nick and Darren stopped yelling, realising who's car it was. It was their friends dad's car. Again the land rover crashed into the monsters, and this time a gap apeared in the wave of zombies. 

"Go, now is your chance to get free! Meet us at the town hall!" yelled Nick's friend's dad. Nick did not need to be told twice. He floored the accelerator and drove through the hole in the zombies. After they had got through, Nick kept his foot down. He wanted to get to the town hall as quick as possible. His friend was called Stan. He was quite tall and was stocky, meaning he would be a great addittion to the team. Not to mention that he also had a sporty little brother named Barry that was at the same age as Darren who would also be a little bit of help. And, they had parents! Finally, Nick would not have to be the leader anymore if Stan's mum and dad could tell the boys what to do.


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