The beginning of the end.

Ever wondered what it would be like if one morning, you wake up, and the world as you know it has been turned upside down by a deadly infection that kills people, but causes them not to stay dead? 14 year old Nick has just woken up to this nightmare. And unfortunately, this bad dream will never end...


7. Back to school.

"Why school?" asked Carter.

"Haven't you seen the fences and gates around it these days? It's like a fortress!" exclaimed Nick.

"OK then, but what about food?" asked Greg. He had always liked cooking, and he was the only one out of the group to be thinking sensibly. By the looks on everybody's faces, it seemed the last place that they all wanted to go right now was school.

"There will be loads of easy to cook food that will last us quite a while in the canteen." mused Nick. He was happy that nobody could think of a reason not to go into the school.

"Well, OK then, I'm coming." announced Greg.

"So am I!" sang Darren, he seemed quite happy as long as he could stick with Nick.

"You want to come as well, don't you?" Nick asked Stan.

"Yes, definitely." reassured Stan.

"Looks like we're coming as well then." said Carter.

The boys had just finished their talk as they pulled up to the front gate.

Bradley still looked unsure about something."One question though." said Bradley.

"What?" replied Nick.

"How are we supposed to get inside? As you said its like a fortress. I doubt somebody's sitting inside watching the gates to let us in." argued Bradley. Just as he had finished his sentence, the big sturdy gates began to open.

"Oh really?" asked Nick smugly. Although the smile was quickly washed of his face as he drove through the gates. Standing at the top of the hill that led up to the main school buildings was a group of boys around the same age as Nick's gang. But these boys were different. They were what Nick's gang referred to as "the hard kids". These were the type of people who go around thinking that they were better than everyone else, even though none of them had a brain cell. As soon as Nick saw them he slowed down. Most Nick's group acted quiet and intimidated around this other group, then talked about how stupid they were behind their backs, however, Nick did not. He was confident with his Tae kwon Do, so these boys did not seem to bother Nick, although he did try to keep away from them as much as possible.

Carter had also been seeming to drift away from Nick's group, and towards the other group, so he was not afraid either, and the same thing was happening with Bradley before he left Berwick schools, and began going to private schools. But even the dog had began to moan softly at the sight of these boys.

"What are you doing on our land!?" yelled Riley, who was the leader of the opposite group.

"Oh, shit." murmured Greg, who obviously did not want to be around these boys. nick stopped the van, got out, and opened the back of the van, so Stan, Darren, Greg, Carter, Bradley, and Max the dog jumped out.

"It's not your's, its a school!" Nick yelled back, assuming the position of speaker of his group. Both groups walked up to each other, as Nick glared into the eyes of Riley, who was about a foot taller than him. He was desperately trying not to look afraid in front of everyone.

"We were here first, so piss off." warned Riley. Nick figured that somehow if his group was here first, then Riley would not go away.

"No." croaked Nick, and immediately wished he had not, as it showed his fear.

"If you leave now, then I won't have to break your legs, you got that?" threatened Riley. All of Riley's group dropped what little weapons they had and began to crack their fingers, like a gangster off a TV programme. Nick sadly realised that he had left all of his weapons in the van, but when he looked back at his friends, he realised that by the looks of them, they could take on Riley's group, as they were just as hard as Riley's group, but they just didn't go around showing it.

Nick just stared into Riley's eyes. No-one out of either of the groups were making any sound at all, apart from Max, as he was growling quietly at Riley. Then, out of nowhere, Riley lifted his fist, and punched Nick in the face so hard that it knocked him straight off his feet and back a yard or so. But as soon as Riley's fist collided with Nick, Max pounced straight at Riley, pushing  him over, and Max landed on top of him. Riley's head smashed back onto the concrete slabs, and knocked him out straight away. This began the gang war.

One of Riley's group leaped at the dog, but was quickly knocked away by Darren, who lunged at the boy who was four years older than him, although they were around the same height. Then the rest of the two groups collided, in a flurry of grabs, punches and kicks. 

Nick sat up and felt his nose. it was definitely broken, and blood was pouring down from his nose. Suddenly, a member of Riley's gang jumped away from Stan, who he was fighting, and jumped on top of Nick, then grabbed his head and smashed it hard off the ground. Nick feebly threw his fist at the boy's face, which stunned him for just long enough so that Stan could grab Nick's attacker and throw him down the hill.

"You're gonna be OK." Stan assured Nick. He pulled him behind a wall, away from the fighting,And propped him against it. Stanput his hand around the back of Nick's head. Nick was terrified to see that when Stan pulled his hand back around from Nick's head, it was covered in blood.

"Oh damn. Help! I need help over here!" yelled Stan. He stood up and ran back behind the wall, yelling for help. That was the last Nick saw before he blacked out.

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