Understand Me


3. Our Happy Ending

Our Happy Ending

I glanced at you Looked at you from the window door I fell for you Your eyes, and that glow I wanted you When you walked through the door and into the room I needed you So close to me, I had to have you Your smile was like the shining star I wish I had a chance to talk to you You left, never came back to gaze at you

Years later you came Walked through that dim stone floor street I noticed you I had to talk to you and tell you I knew you You came to me You talked to me about your past and that you remembered my chubby face The glow I had when I saw your visage

He noticed me falling and he was at best He wanted to talk, but he was in a mess. We got friends together And talked every day We ate lunch and dinner together all day

You asked me to go to the valentine’s ball Until you grew up and asked me to go We went to a restaurant Royal and bright

You asked me to marry you And I said alright You knew that I loved you And you loved me too I love you dear hunny I love you my gloom

Three years later married Oh golly we were Until I got pregnant and gave you a girl Now we were a family Two kids, two girls We lived happily ever after With riches and laughter We lived a lovely enjoyable life And now we are waiting the ending to unite

Our children will always go to the valentine’s ball One day they’ll get married and grand kids Oh my  god Our endings will come soon so we hardly wait To see our two daughters develop and graduate Until they meet soul mates and all fall in love Our ending is coming It’s coming my love.

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